Year-by-year career

Position: Shooting guard/ Small Forward

Basketball strengths/abilities:                                  

  • athlete, play one on one,
  • plays with and without ball,
  • pick and roll/pop
  • shoot for 3pt,
  • assist,     
  • rebounds


2016-2017 Tigullio Sport Team, Italia Csilver, U20                        
2017 Savigliano Basket, Italia Cgold                                
2017-2018 Vasto Basket, Italia Csilver                               
2018-2019 Il Canestro Alessandria, Italia Cgold                            
2021-2022 Pallacanestro Recanati, Italia Csilver                            
2022 Basket Parete, Italia Csilver  

  • Best scorer in the league                              

2022-2024 KK Smederevo, Serbia


There is no awards information for this player.


Danijel Peric

Danijel Peric

Danijel Peric