Year-by-year career

2011-2014 Altera Donetsk A league
2014-2017 Burevestnik-ShVSM Chernigov Super league
2017-2018 Dnipro Dnepr Super league
2018-2020 Burevestnik-ShVSM Chernigov Super league

  • 1st best receiver of all outside hitters i or 3rd in the category of liberos and outsidehitters


1st place of Ukrainian Universiade 2017
5th place Superleague of Ukraine in 2016-2017
7th place Superleague of Ukraine in 2015-2016
4th place the cup of Ukraine 2015-2016
3rd place of A league of Ukraine 2013-2014


Langauges: English and Rus




2019 - Full match - N°11 in black /20pts, rec 62%, 1 block/

2019 - Full match - N°16 in black