About us

Our mission is to help players and clubs throughout the world to realize their full potential


Alfa Globe  is a global, full service sports agency, founded in 2008 by Dragan Milic, basketball agent who holds:


  • the French Basketball Federation license (FFBB - ID 202995075) and
  • the FIBA license (FIBA -  ID 2010023325).


Alfa Globe represents players coming from different parts of the world.  Each athlete is important and unique for us. In this context, everybody needs professional consideration and a thoughtfully tailored approach in order to achieve the highest level of success in your career.
We provide the highest quality representation and management to athletes and we believe in the importance of a close relationship in order to better serve them throughout their career.
We also take pride in being a reliable and trustworthy partner for teams in finding their missing piece of the puzzle. We strive to build long-term relationships with clubs, just like we do with our players. Therefore it is very important for us to match the right talent with the right club and to obtain an open and transparent relationship with all of our clients and partners.
The aim of Alfa Globe is to have the appropriate team of individuals for the players’ contracts negotiation and we keep a knowledgeable, experienced and dynamic staff which builds, serves and protects the interests of the professional athletes, taking part in the promotion of their careers, image management and public relations.

Alfa Globe

We are focused on our clients with the purpose of our mutual success.