Alfa Globe Weekly Update

Alfa Globe Weekly Update

In Slovakia, Nitra started its play off series vs Slovan and won the first game (74-53). Camesha Davis proved to be the undisputed leader of Nitra and finished the game with another big double double (27 points, 14 rebounds).

In Slovenia, Triglav defeated Maribor (80-65). Lejla Omerbasic scored 12 points and added 6 rebounds.

In Portugal, Carnide defated Quinta dos Lobos (71-65) and made it to the play offs. Treyvonna Brooks contributed with another double double (19 points, 11 rebounds).

In Romania, Cluj won a very tied game vs Targoviste (57-55). Aleksandra Begenisic scored 8 points and added 6 rebounds for the home team.

In Poland, Politichnica defeated at home Siedlce (95-59) but Samra Omerbasic really impressed under the boards scored almost half of Siedlce points (23 points) and added 11 rebounds. A great achievement indeed.

In Croatia, Brod na Savi lost at home vs Pozega and helped the guest to get one more chance to avoid relegation (42-68). Actually, the last game of regular season vs Pula will be a do or die for Pozega. Mariah Smelser once again dominated on both ends of the court (23 points, 22 rebounds).