Alfa Globe Weekly Update

Alfa Globe Weekly Update

The new season is heating up and we are back with our weekend analysis. Stay tunned.

In Bosnia, Leotar 03 lost at home vs Orlovi tonight after two overtimes (83-86). Aleksandra Begenisic played a special game. It was her debut for Orlovi against her home town team and once again proved her class- 16 points, 19 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.

In Croatia, Pozega defeated Zagreb at home (69-59). Princess Davis played well- 17 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists while Jessica Warren added 9 points and 10 rebounds. Andrea Glomazic did not score but she contributed with 2 rebounds. Sibenik was lucky against the newcomers FSV (68-66). Alexis Carter had a great performance (18 points, 29 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocked shots) but it was not enough for the win.

In Czech Republic, Strakonice lost at home vs Slovanka (67-73). Samra Omerbasic contributed with 4 points and 2 rebounds. Mariah Smelser played just two minutes.

In Slovenia, Triglav defeated Maribor at home (69-57). Lejla Omerbasic had 10 points and 5 rebounds for the home team.

In Serbia, Kraljevo defeated 021 at the most expected game of the round (71-66). Jordan Hawkins did not play much but contributed with good defense (1 point, 1 blocked shot and 1 steal).